Date: April 15th 2008

Dear Snood/WOM Games Beta Testers:

We really want to get your input on our new game, Snood Deluxe.

If the Windows version did not open for you, then please download the new version which will expire on April 21st.

Mac players can download the Mac version which expires on April 16th.

Please visit to download a copy of the public beta right away.

If you have previously downloaded Snood Deluxe, please uninstall the prior version of Snood Deluxe before downloading this one. Note that Snood and Snood Deluxe are completely different versions of Snood. You do not need to uninstall Snood to play Snood Deluxe.

There is a Windows and a Mac version of Snood Deluxe, plus a download for additional puzzle levels.

Play Snood Deluxe as much as possible and try all of the game levels, including Puzzle, the new Multiplayer "Spider" level and the new Journey and Armageddon levels. Also try the new Puzzle Editor to make new puzzles to play and the many new and different Preferences, including customizing your own Snood Sets, changing Background Music, and making and importing new Game Backgrounds.

After you play Snood Deluxe, please answer these questions:

1. Do all of the game features work for you? Are there any bugs? Does the game work properly? If not, please let us the following: know what problems you are having and what type of computer you have (Mac or PC) and the operating system you are using.

a. What Operating system are you running?
b. What graphics card are you using?
c. Can you reproduce the error?
d. Can you give a detailed description on how we could reproduce this error. If there is an error message what did the error say?

2. Did you try all of the levels of play? What did you think of the new level including Puzzle, Multiplayer Spider, Journey and Armageddon.

3. Did you try all of the game features? What did you think of the customizing your own Snood Sets, the background music and making and importing new backgrounds?

We are looking for thorough, thoughtful responses to this e-mail. To show our appreciation for your efforts we will send WomGames Gift Certificates to the first responders who play and comment on all of the features of Snood Deluxe as follows:

First 25 responses $25 Gift Certificate
Next 50 responses $15 Gift Certificate
Next 100 responses $10 Gift Certificate
Next 250 responses $5 Gift Certificate

Please get back to us by responding to this e-mail. We can't wait to hear your feedback.

Thank you for supporting Snood and WOM Games!



WOM Games, Snood, Snood Deluxe, the Snood characters and interface are trademarks. Copyright 2008 Snood, LLC. campaignid:snood 20080415

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