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The Snood News Newsletter

The Snood Letter is published 10-12 per year and contains Snood News about new Snood games, updates to existing games, special Snood Gear offers at the Snood Store, free offers and other cool Snood Stuff!

zzBe a Snood Beta Tester List

The Be a Snood Beta Tester List is published when we need you to help us test new games. Each issue provides you with a link to the game and contains a brief questionnaire about the game you are testing.

Last Message: Snood Deluxe Beta Test

Dear Snood/WOM Games Beta Testers: We really want to get your input on our new game, Snood Deluxe. If the Windows version did not open for you, then please download the new version which will expire on April 21st. Mac players can download the Mac ver...



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